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Lisa, 23, vegan, cake decorator.
I rarely ever get enough sleep. I love going to thrift/antique stores and enjoy nothing more than roasting marshmallows by the fire.
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Emma Kisiel holds a bachelor of fine arts with an emphasis in photography from the University of Colorado Denver. “At Rest” is a photographic series depicting roadkill on American highways and addressing our human fear of confronting death and viewing the dead. Kisiel’s images draw attention to the fact that, while man has a vast impact on animal and natural life, dominant American religions insist that animals do not have a place in Heaven and are, therefore, of little value in our society. To cause the viewer to feel struck by this truth, Kisiel photographs memorials she builds surrounding roadkill at the location at which its life was taken. “At Rest” expresses the sacredness to the bodies of animals accidentally hit by vehicles while crossing the road.

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So I didn’t know that fucking dragons existed. Just look at them. Just fucking look.

They hide under a disguise of feathers and call themselves bearded vultures. But I see through their lies.

Want one as a pet? Well they’d be $9000 dollars, but that’s hypothetical because you simply cannot have one. Also, they like to eat dead parrots and dolphins and that’s out of your budget too. Ablubblubbloo…

Dear fucking christ i want one yet i dont at the same time because i feel like id wake up with it hovering over my face as i slept. 

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